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GFWC Hartford
Women's Club
Hartford, Wisconsin
The Hartford Blood Donors Club has received funding
for its blood drives from GFWC Hartford Women’s Club.
To continue holding drives the first Tuesday of every
month the Blood Donor Club needed $1,600 and
applied for a Women’s Club community grant to cover
their expenses.  According to Laura Schuetzler of the
Blood Center, the Hartford community drives are the
third highest volume in the district so it was critical to
keep them going. The drives are held at the Hartford
Senior Friends Community Center.

The Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin supplies
the blood banks of all the area hospitals and is a
research center.

Pictured at right: Sue Lisko, Women’s Club (seated),
Laura Schuetzler, Blood Center community
representative, Barbara Pontow, Women’s Club
treasurer, Lois Raddeman, Blood Donors president,
and Yolanda Davis, Blood Center donor specialist.
Hartford Blood Donors Club - Local Blood Drives
Making it Happen
in Hartford
GFWC Hartford Women's Club
Hartford, Wisconsin
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